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The benefits of hardwood Floors

One of the primary reasons to consider hardwood flooring is the level of benefit you’ll receive from this outstanding material. In addition to its tremendous lifespan, you’ll find other reasons to fall in love with this floor covering. We want to tell you more about the specific benefits you can expect to take advantage of when choosing this floor covering for your home, so read along now.

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Specific benefits of hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood offers many reasons to take a more in-depth look at its outstanding benefits. One of the most well-known advantages of this flooring line is its lifespan which can easily exceed 100 years with proper care and maintenance. You’re not just buying a floor covering when you purchase solid wood floors. You’re buying a legacy.

Solid wood also provides the following benefits:

  • Exceptional visuals
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability
  • Increased home value

Engineered wood flooring is a perfect alternative for spaces where solid wood cannot be installed, such as basements and below-grade rooms. It offers many of the same benefits as the solid variety but adds a few that are excellent for these spaces.

Take a look at some of the added advantages of engineered flooring:

  • It looks just like solid hardwood
  • Resists dampness and humidity
  • Resists temperature changes
  • Easy to install

Both solid and engineered flooring allows you to take advantage of refinishing once wear shows. Scratches, scuffs, and water spots are sanded away, and a new sealant, stain color, and finish can be applied. The result is a floor covering that looks new again and will serve you for decades before the process needs to be repeated. Visit us today if you'd like to find out even more benefits of these unique floor coverings.

We provide excellent hardwood floors

As a hardwood flooring store and installer in Warren, OH, Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering provides excellent materials for all your flooring needs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction shows in our treating every project as if it were our own. We’ll also match you with professional services that will give you the flooring experience you’ve been waiting on, so be sure to visit us.

We have installed floors in Warren, OH, Niles, OH, McDonald, OH, Girard, OH, Howland, OH, Newton Falls, OH, Bristolville, OH, North Benton, OH, and Lordstown, OH in Trumbull County. Our flooring team has also worked in Youngstown, OH, Austintown, OH, Boardman, OH, Canfield, OH, Poland, OH, Struthers, OH, and North Jackson, OH in Mahoning County.

No matter how large or small, our associates are standing ready. Stop by when you’re in the area for the best carpeting and carpet installation.

Hardwood flooring styles

The natural beauty and feel of real hardwood flooring. Visit our showroom to find the perfect colors, species, and wood grades for your decor.

Hardwood floors materials and sizes

Hardwood floors come in almost as many sizes and styles as carpets. Separated into two categories—domestic and exotic—hardwood floors are made of ¾” thick strips of wood about 2 ¼” wide. Domestic hardwood floors are normally made of “American” woods like red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, white ash, hickory, and pecan. The exotic woods include Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Ipe, African Teak, Bamboo, and more.

Among the different types of wood used for hardwood floors, there are three types of hardwood floors you can use on your floors: solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and long-strip engineered wood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is suitable for floors above ground level, out of moisture, and mother nature’s way. Since solid hardwoods are so susceptible to moisture, solid hardwood floors must be installed over wooden subflooring rather than concrete. It is also susceptible to expanding and contracting with the seasons, creating gaps, buckling, and character in your floor.

Like any addition to your home, weigh the pros and cons of the different products. You can choose from different levels of qualities, like Clear Oak to Common Oak.

Engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring may not be solid hardwood, but it has many advantages. This type of floor covering has become increasingly popular because of its versatility. Engineered hardwood flooring can be applied on more than just a wooden subfloor; it can be applied almost everywhere, including your concrete basement floors, the bathroom, and all other places where regular solid hardwood floors should not be placed.

Engineered hardwood floors are created by layering several strips of thin-cut, varying-quality wood between strips of hardwood. You need to choose the best quality for you like solid hardwoods, but engineered hardwood floors are much more durable and stable. The cross-ply construction of engineered hardwood floors makes them more structurally sound because it allows the layers to work together to prevent your floors from expanding and contracting.

Long strip engineered hardwood flooring

Long strip Engineered Hardwood Flooring is formed just like regular engineered hardwood floors except that the material in inner material is made of softer wood, which is used to make the tongue and groove. While the pieces of long strip engineered hardwood floors are long, they are made of several shorter and thinner pieces.

While these floors are installed on virtually any subfloor, they were designed to be floating floors, meaning they don’t necessarily need to be nailed or glued down.

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