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Why Area Rugs?

Why Area Rugs?
Many people don't think of using area rugs as a floor covering, but these versatile accessories can do so much for your design when used to their full potential. Adding an area rug to a hard surface floor provides comfort, warmth, and aesthetic appeal. Area rugs can also define your space by creating a frame in which to place your furniture. An area rug may also be a better choice than wall-to-wall carpeting if you want something that's easier to clean and change up from time to time. Available in so many colors, styles, and materials, custom made area rugs can be functional and beautiful with nearly any home décor. Get all of your rug questions answered here at Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering and order yours today!

Custom area rugs and runners

If you're having trouble finding the perfect rug for your space, look no further. At Satolli, we make custom bound area rugs of virtually any shape or size. You choose the material, dimensions, and border, and we custom cut and bind it to your specifications. You can repurpose carpet remnants and turn them into the perfect rug with our professional binding service.


Determine the shape of your area rug

Square and rectangle area rugs are the most common, but may not fit your needs. You can choose from round and oblong rugs as well.

Determine the size

Start by measuring the space you want to cover. Are you just looking to cover the high traffic area around your couch and chairs? Consider the placement of your furniture. Do you want all four legs on the carpet, just the front two, or none at all? You can use tape to outline the area and see what size would look best. Then use a tape measure and record the exact dimensions you want. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least two feet between the rug and each wall.

Decide on the color, style and material to customize your rug

The final step is to decide on the look and feel of your rug. Do you want geometric patterns, curved lines, or maybe just a solid color? Consider other colors and textures you already have in the room and what style of custom size area rug would compliment them best. When it comes to choosing the material, think about the rug's purpose. If you want one that is durable and easy to clean, such as under a dining table, frieze and berber are excellent choices. Plush, cable, and cotton are good choices if you're looking for a softer, more comfortable area rug. The last aspect to consider is your rug's pile. Pile refers to the carpet fiber's density and length. Short and thick pile rugs are generally more durable and washable, so they are ideal for high traffic areas. Long and thin pile rugs are softer and feel more luxurious, so they are great for family rooms and bedrooms.


- Can you make a carpet remnant into a rug?
Yes! We can cut carpet remnants to the exact size you need and add a border with our professional binding service. We also offer carpet remnants in hundreds of styles and colors at up to a 75% discount!

- What does binding a carpet mean?

"Binding" refers to the process of taking a carpet remnant and binding the edges to convert it into an area rug. Binding is done by wrapping a strip of fabric (usually either polyester or cotton) around the edge of the carpet and then stitching it in place. Our binding process is very clean and neat and prevents the rug from fraying.

- Can I have a custom area rug cut to a specific size?

Custom size area rugs are our specialty. Let us know the dimensions you want and order a custom cut-to-fit area rug or runner today!

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