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Custom area rugs from Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering

We make custom area rugs to ensure you have the area rug that fits your purposes. We offer a binding service and made-to-order area rugs in any shape or size. We also offer remnants in 100s of styles and colors at up to a 75% discount!

A guide to buying an area rug

Custom area rug sizes
Custom area rug sizes with professional binding.

1. Determine the shape of the rug
Square and rectangle area rugs are the most common but may not fit your needs. You can also choose from round and oblong rugs as well.

2. Determine the size of the rug
Are you just looking to cover the high-traffic area around your couch and chairs? Consider your furniture placement and whether you want all four legs on the carpet, just the front two or none.

3. Decide on the color, style, and material
Do you want geometric patterns, curved lines, or a singular color? You should know that the materials should differ from the purpose. Plush rugs may not be the best fit under a dining room table, so you'll need to think about the purpose in this final step.

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